So your child isn’t interested in learning music, or drawing?  Or maybe group sports seem ok, but your little one isn’t always so enthusiastic about playing organized sports.  Or maybe you are looking for an activity for your child that will supplement their existing schedule?  Martial arts has so many amazing benefits for your child!

It has been witnessed that kids involved in physical activities are generally more active and productive in life. The physical activities keep the endorphin going. As a result, the brain functions at its optimum level. The combination of physical and mental benefits offers a thorough body workout with some extra dose of energy thrown in.

Are you considering starting your child in a martial arts program but wonder what the benefits would be?  Best for the Kids is an online resource for parents that spend hours, testing kids’ products and talking with notable topical experts before publishing the buyers’ guides found on BestForTheKids.​  The web site has provided a well-researched blog listing 15 amazing benefits of martial arts for children.  (

At TMT MMA, we have an active program for working with children to learn both the mental and physical benefits of the martial arts.  We have parents who send their kids to us to learn self- defense to help bully proof their children and building their self-esteem while encouraging a healthy life style through fitness.

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